Fresh for the New Year, please allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Sauce and Shake, and this is the food blog for people who want to take their cooking, eating, and entertaining to the next level, including those starting at level 1. Our goal with each recipe post is to provide a collection of ideas that make up a cohesive menu, with variations depending on your skill level and time commitment, as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink pairings when suitable. Timing and harmony are essential to putting out a good meal, and we want to help take away some of the guesswork and endless searching for compatible options. We will also occasionally post about techniques we find useful, other people’s food we find delicious, and any other innovative, evocative, or otherwise intriguing food and beverage tidbits we find along the way, so don’t feel left out if you’re more of a consumer than a crafter. Cheers, and please enjoy our Fresh Sheet.

Carving a pancetta wrapped pork tenderloin