Fried Egg Sandwiches 3 Ways

A perfect fried egg sandwich

Fried egg sandwiches are the taste of my childhood. Summer mornings and snow days meant fried egg sandwiches for breakfast, and it was also a tradition every time certain family friends came to town. My mom made them one way, our friend made them another, and now Salty also has a special recipe-I enjoy making all three of them, and they are my favorite weekend indulgence.

Saucy Note: Frying eggs is easy, it just takes a little finesse and paying attention. Fry eggs over medium heat in butter or oil, and flip when the whites are just starting to set. Over-easy is soft yolk and whites, medium is soft yolk with firm whites, and hard is fully set yolk and whites.

Mama Bear’s Recipe 

Fried egg

2 slices toasted white bread



Optional: Sliced green onion


Toast bread. While bread is toasting, melt a little butter or oil and fry the egg to your preferred doneness-when I was a kid, my mom broke the yolk and fried them until hard, but I prefer over-medium now so I can dip my sandwich in the gooey golden deliciousness. If using the green onions, sprinkle them on the egg right after you flip it to cook the second side. Spread the toast with mustard and mayo and sandwich the egg between them. If you like to dip like I do, cut the sandwich in half to split the yolk.


Mama Bear's Fried egg sandwich


The Skipper’s Recipe

Fried Egg

1 slice toasted white bread



Mrs. Dash, or Salt and Black Pepper


Toast bread. Fry egg with a small amount of butter or oil. The Skipper usually fries his eggs over hard because we eat them on the go, but if you aren’t worried about mess, cook them however you want. Spread the toast liberally with ketchup and mayo. Place the egg on top and cover with pepper and salt. Eat open faced or fold like a taco and enjoy!

Frying an egg with a broken yolk

Skipper's Fried Egg Sandwich


Salty’s Sandwich

 1 Engish muffin, split and toasted

2 egg fried egg whites, or 1 whole egg (Salty dislikes egg yolk)

1 slice fried bacon, ham, or Canadian bacon

1 slice jack cheese



Fry bacon or ham in the same skillet you intend to cook the eggs. Remove to a paper towel lined plate to drain. Toast English muffin. While muffin is toasting, fry egg to desired doneness. If you are using egg whites, the technique is the same, but the eggs tend to run in the pan a little more initially-use a spatula to help keep it together. When you flip the egg, place the slice of cheese on top and turn off the heat. Let the cheese melt and the egg finish cooking while you butter the English muffin. Place bacon on buttered muffin and layer egg and cheese on top. This sandwich is also great with cheddar or American cheese.

Frying eggs topped with cheese

Toasted English muffins with a side of Hempler's bacon

Salty's Fried Egg Sandwich

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