Illegitimate Heirloom

Illegitimate Heirloom cocktail

Bloody Mary’s aren’t my thing. Never have been. I appreciate their place, their taste, their necessity as a hangover cure and every bartender has one. For some reason all I ever taste is alcoholic gazpacho. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE gazpacho but a Bloody Mary is rarely what I’m looking for in any situation people are serving them in mass quantities.

That being said, Sauce is a connoisseur. Plus side? I have the perfect palate to use as a muse. Not so plus side? Half the time she asks me to make one, I’m handing her something I’m not super proud of. Which leads me to the very awesome discovery we had of heirloom tomatoes on sale at our local grocery store for $1.49/pound. Obviously we bought some and as we unpacked our booty at home, Sauce suggested I play around with these for a new Bloody Mary recipe.

Fast forward four pages of scribbles and one extremely patient Sauce tasting a capped straw every five minutes and we now have something delicious. While not super efficient for a bar setting, at home this is perfect for a weekend breakfast/brunch or any time you have extra tomatoes laying around. Heirlooms are magnificent and quite large but feel free to use 2-3 smaller regular tomatoes or Roma’s. Whatever you have access to or growing in your garden works great.


Equipment: muddler, shaker, strainer, drinking glass (we used what looks sort of like a large juice glass you’d get a breakfast diner although a mason jar or something similar would work great)

3 black peppercorns

2 healthy pinches of sea salt

2 pinches celery salt

1 de-seeded heirloom tomato

1½ oz vodka

1 oz gin

1½ oz fresh lemon juice

6-8 dashes Cholula hot sauce (add to your taste)

Fresh ground pepper (again, add to your taste, Sauce likes hers peppery and fiery)

Celery stalk for garnish


Add peppercorns, salt, celery salt and tomato to shaker tin. Muddle until tomato is well pulped and looks like sauce. Add vodka, gin, lemon, hot sauce and grind some more pepper in, then top with ice. Shake vigorously for 20-30 seconds and strain into glass with fresh ice

Garnish with celery. Cheers!

Ingredients for cocktail

Author: sauceandshake

A culinary and libatious adventure of a cook and a bartender who strive to make things as complimentary as they are to each other.

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